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Type: documentary
1 x 55′ produced in 2020
Original title: 30 lat wymówek
Produced by Inbornmedia & Tabla Film
Rights holder: Inbornmedia & Tabla Film
Available in English and Polish

(Original title: 30 lat wymówek)
A film about an extraordinary man Michal “Gier” Giercuszkiewicz who lives on a raft of his own design, in the Solina Lagoon. This drummer has participated in recording over 30 albums of performers such as: Apogeum, Kwadrat, Bezdomne Psy, Krzak, SBB, or Józef Skrzek. His greatest publicity was the success of the album „CEGŁA” recorded with the band Dżem. It was a time of fame, but also a problem. Heroin addiction and narcotic friendship with Rysiek Ridel caused Michał to escape his hometown of Katowice 30 years ago. From now on he lives outside civilization … on a raft.

We meet the hero of the film when he gets an official offer to release his own album from Mariola Dziubińska, from the legendary Metal Mind Productions label. This is her renewed offer 30 years ago! Will the Gier take this opportunity this time? We’ll find out from the movie.